How we help you investigate your crime themed event

Have you got what it takes to be a Crime Solver?

Let our real life Senior Investigator (SI) uses the expertise gained over 20 years in the investigation of the most serious crimes to guide you and your team of Trainee Investigators through the maze of a criminal investigation. Based on actual crime investigations from around the World, some involving life (and death!) scenarios, you can experience what it’s like to be a real investigator.

You will be provided with all the equipment you need to hone your skills as a Trainee Investigator and CSI.

  • Try the Crime Solvers Academy observation and reasoning tests before commencing your investigation
  • Assess the crime scene & identify the clues. Have you secured ALL the evidence?
  • Work with your team to develop your own hypothesis. What do you think really happened?
  • Review what you have seen. Does your evidence support what you think?
  • Compare the evidence you have gathered at the scene of the crime with evidence obtained from a suspect. Does it match?

Crime Solvers Limited will let you find out all the answers in an exciting and fun filled event which can be tailored to your needs and location. We will deliver a stimulating, fun packed party, event or workshop whatever the location, indoors or outdoors for adults, children or a mix of both, making a Crime Solvers Crime Investigation Themed event a great entertainment for families, friends and colleagues alike.

“We found the workshop really engaging. As well as being amazing fun, realistic and interesting we were developing a massive range of both literacy and numeracy skills due to the nature of the activities- thank you for a fabulous day”
Mr James Ball Teacher Yr 6