About Crime Solvers

Crime Solvers Ltd is an events and educational based enterprise owned and operated by its founders. It represents an opportunity for children and adults to gain a hands on experience into the world of criminal investigations. Crime Solvers Ltd draws on the 30 years’ experience and expertise of its founder director in the investigation of serious and complex crimes as a senior detective police officer.

Crime Solvers Ltd seek to utilise, as far as possible, real life scenarios and actual investigative techniques and equipment to lead clients through the complexities of investigating criminal offences in an entertaining, stimulating and thought provoking process. Crime Solvers Ltd has access to a number of professionals within the education arena to provide advice, guidance and support to the company in devising and delivering its product to children and young people.

Jon Williams

Jon was a serving police officer for 30 years. For over 20 years he worked in various capacities within the Criminal Investigation Department including key roles on numerous high profile and complex investigation. Jon was a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) and had responsibility for leading and directing teams of investigators and other specialists involved in some notable enquiries with some unique and interesting characteristics.

Jon decided to develop his knowledge of policing and the investigation of crime into a business project which is intended to entertain and educate by using the theme of crime investigation as a vehicle to broaden the public’s understanding of what is required during such an investigation. Crime Solvers Limited looks to use authentic equipment and scenarios, and the expertise and knowledge of a former SIO to provide a realistic basis for an event.

Clare Williams

Clare worked in the criminal justice system for a number of years and was involved in the preparation and management of complex and high value fraud investigations which utilised scientific and technical evidence to bring about prosecutions. She has also been involved in providing support to the victims of crime via the work of a national organisation.

Clare retrained as a counsellor and has worked in a variety of counselling settings for almost 15 years. Clare has significant experience of providing support to those bereaved and traumatised by crime and currently works as a School Based Counsellor, providing support to young people within the education system.

Clare and Jon together have a unique perspective on the process of the investigation of crime and its impact on individuals and as such, whilst the Crime Solvers Experience is intended to be entertaining, it has at its core a desire to draw the attention of participants to the reality of being a victim of crime, the responsibilities of law enforcement personnel and others in seeking to investigate criminal offences and the impact of science and technology on the detection of those offences.